• 单路A380背面
  • 单路A380背面-天线特写500
  • A380侧面
  • A380背面-电源特写500
  • 单路A380背面
  • 单路A380背面-天线特写500
  • A380侧面
  • A380背面-电源特写500

CRB-GSM-[**]380 Cellular Recording Box

Cellular Recording Box is short for "CRB." GSM series of cellular recording box uses 2G GSM communication module, depends on the built-in USB voice card to achieve recording and playback on the computer and depends on the USB data line to achieve calling pop-up, automatically batch dialing, telephone message, hanging up the phone, receiving and sending messages and other communication operations.

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Cellular Recording carrying with built-in USB voice card. 

The GSM series adopts 2G industrial module and GSM network standard.

Can convert the phone card into a telephone line(switch the SIM card into RJ11)and provide "reverse pole signal".
-If you are holding encryption card wireless calling card,contact us to decrypt and upgrade the specific work program.
-The device can realize to call pop-up, record and playback on the computer and others of a recording box through USB.


-USB can be connected to the computer, through the software control the device to record, dial, SMS and so on.
-Can provide the secondary development port , butting joint all kinds of CRM, external call system and so on.
-Can access tel set from outside; facilitate the equipment to do compatibility adjustment.
-Carry with two RJ11 telephone port in parallel, easily parallel connect landline,recording box and other similar equipment.
-LCD English display screen, digital visual display signal strength value.
-Telephone box can automatically supply voltage 5V-12V, which can easily apply power for all kinds of security equipment.
-Circuit with anti-jamming design, no noise in the call and other noise, sound clear.
-3 meters pure copper antenna, suitable for some bad signal scene, improve the communication signal.
-Built-in watchdog system; when the system doesn’t work, will automatically restart to prevent crash or other situation.


-Through the built-in USB it can achieve the calling pop-up, recording, telephone message,automatically batch dialing, auto-play voice when the phone is connected and so on.

-Through the computer to send a reminder message to the customer and receive and read messages.

-Through the external connect telephone button, clear all the parameters and reset it.

-The fixed wireless terminal call volume can be set to avoid the sound is too large to produce an echo.

-The IP prefix can be set, for which need to add IP prefix. Different IP prefix can be provided for local, long distance or international call.

-DTMF call ring can be set. [**]lso perfectly compatible to solve a variety of caller ID is disappear or incomplete. (First ringing and then show the number or the first number and then ring)

-Caller ID mode supported FSK for special models. For only support FSK caller ID device, solve the problem of no caller ID.

-Can be set to prohibit incoming calls. Can be set an incoming call list or an incoming blacklist.

-Can set the second dial mode and automatically use it to outgoing call.

  (The second dial mode does not provide an accurate "reverse pole" signal.)

-Partial custom models can support the key setting in 12K or 18K billing signal mode.

-Can be set the phone box comes with the screen or external telephone screen display device communication module IMEI.

-Can manually modify IMEI of  module and offer the specified phone IMEI for the particular application.

-Can be set to "take up time", "busy tone time" to adapt special equipment applications in ideal compatibility.


★ Telephone recording applications: for communication customer service, bank customer service, traffic dispatch, power

customer service as well as all kinds of service industry call recording archive.
★Cooperation with CRM and other customer management system: with the CRM system to achieve telephone call management, calling pop-up and so on.
★ Cooperation with the traffic telephone: telephone line can be connected to the call center dedicated telephone, through traffic telephone to outgoing call. The caller ID will be displayed when the phone is connected.
★ Cooperation with the wireless fixed-line card application: part of the fixed wireless card need to use a dedicated decryption card stickers. Part of the area can be customized built-in key to achieve the use of decryption stickers.
★ Cooperation with ordinary landline telephone: through the telephone wire to connect ordinary landline telephone, the equivalent of a "wireless fixed platform"; can easily achieve incoming, outgoing call, caller ID and so on.  


The white marketing box cannot play voice normally.

*Firstly, test by the primary voice to exclude it might cause by voice, the voice must in MP3 format; 

 Secondary, copy the voice file at other place, formatting the memory card, reput the voice file in the memory card, restart the machine after insert the memory card; 

 Thirdly, change a new memory card; 

 Fourthly, if those methods metioned before don't work, the card slot is loosen and send back to repair.

The white marketing box can not be called in.

*By default, you need to press to transfer after playing voice; if choosing ring and waiting for answering, it can be call in like ordinary tel set. Both tele set and marketing box can show caller ID.

Press any key to transfer but hungs up before playing voice.

*Check the on duty mode is transfer to tel set or mobile phone. If is to mobile phone, please check the balance of the vice card.

Faild to open the software, it keeps showing copyright issues.

*Your computer got virus, install anti-Virus software; then directly open the R[**]R file without unzip it. 

During the usage of the white marketing box, the parameters are nomally, as well as the download. But when start it to test, it has interference between the computer and equipment as a result of high frequency.

*Exit the antivirus software, restart the machine and restore to default. 

 The antenna is too close to the machine.

 Turn off and then turn on.

 Change another computer.