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GSMV3 - telephone marketing box

V3 series telephone marketing box is a telesales supported equipment. Especially for the customer who need to provide the manual advice through the mobile phone. Based on the existing single-card smart wireless business and V1 phone marketing box functions, increased the function of transferring the marketing phone to the customer service by adding the vice card, with the family card , affiliate card or other free packages can transfer to the customer service phone free of charge.

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V3 series telephone marketing box uses GSM network standard. Mainly applicable to communication with the customer through the telephone marketing box. It also can be connected with ordinary telephone landline, telephone recording box, analog voice board, pbx and so on. GSMV3 has wide application space, especially for the people need to communicate with customer through mobile phone. V3 series is equivalent to V1 series marketing box when you only insert one cell phone card.


Can be used directly without installing any driver.

★The screen displays Chinese, can provide OEM.

2 RJ11 telephone line port can be connected to multiple devices, the equivalent of telephone extension.

★Can import number, automatically call, can call 800-1500 phone each day.

★Can monitor the entire process of automatic telephone marketing through external ordinary telephone.

Can manually forced to switch to manual service if the customer has strong intentions, directly communication with customers.

★During the marketing process, you can press the key for dial the next phone call if the recipient has been shut down or empty.

The V series of marketing telephones don't need to convert the voice files format.

★Can automatically dial the number according to the import number, the equivalent of automatic dialer.

★TF storage the MP3 marketing voice files, easily to manage through the computer.

★The main card is responsible for dialing the number, the vice card is responsible for transfer calls to the owner's phone. The  device can be used as V1 series when you don't insert the vice card.

★The vice card  can be achieved to free transfer customer consultation to the owner's phone.


★Can be imported to store 100,000 sets of customer information.

★Can be set to use the call interval, effectively avoid high-frequency call marks and so on.

★Can be set to limit the call duration and the number of outgoing call each time, and control the phone card's bill charges.

★Can automatically call out, automatically play the MP3 format marketing voice after connecting.

★After the customer answers the phone hearing the marketing voice and interested to press the key to the manual service, the marketing phone will ring, the customer service can directly answer it; corresponding the on duty mode 2 " on duty."

★Can be answered the customer consultation by the owner's phone, corresponding to the on duty mode 3 "transfer to the phone", which can transfer to the owner's phone by the vice card with specific package.

★After the batch outbound number is connected, it can be set to not play marketing telephone ringing; corresponding to the duty mode 4 "fast ringing mode".

★According to the customer's duration of listening the marketing voice time, the device will automatically switch to manual customer service without pressing any button.

★Can be set up on-hook SMS, the device will automatically send service message to the customer after the phone hangs up to facilitate the customer  to record and contact.

★Can set the working time, the device can automatically start and stop the marketing task every day.

★Can be supported the callback call to second dial in some areas.

★Can be set of the IP dial prefix for some of the wireless fixed card which need to dial IP prefix in order to outgoing call.

★Can analyze and classified the call record,such as  "connected number", "connected and transfer to manual service number"...

★Can work without connecting the computer, after the work, the call records can be read through connecting to the computer.


★ Cooperate with the telephone recording box: you can screen the interested customer and make call record, improving the efficiency of recording analysis through the RJ11 telephone line port connecting with the telephone recording box.

★ Cooperate with pbx: Multiple devices connected with the telephone exchange through the telephone line port so as to realize the artificial intelligence distribution: barrier-free switch between manual customers service.

★Replacing manual dialing application: automatic outbound call. After connected, the marketing phone will ring and the manually  customer service immediately answer it and directly communicate with the customer.

★Sorting customer application: automatically outbound call and play the marketing voice after connected. If the customer interested and then will transfers to the manual consultation. Therefore the tel-marketing sales only need to answer the customer calls with relatively high quality customers, which will greatly improving the work efficiency.

★Cooperate with the traffic headset to batch dial applications: customers can self-adjust the traffic headset interface line with the equipment. The device can automatically call out, and after connected, the marketing phone  can directly communicate with your customers through headphones without off the hook. (This application needs to contact us of the special application version of the program.)

★Cooperate with the monthly phone card application: set a reasonable call interval and with the setting number of single outgoing calls, call duration and other settings. You can avoid high-frequency calling or using too much to cause the phone card stop service.

★Cooperate with the wireless fixed card application: part of the wireless fixed card need to use with a dedicated decryption card stickers.


I have brought this equipment for a long time, and it keeps displaying "dialing" and sometime the LCD show in reverse without connecting tel set and during a call. Even reset it cannot solve.

*The SRICK is broken, you can change it at a cell phone store or send back to us for repair.

Fail to open the software can not open, it keeps showing that there is no D disk?

* Because your compter doesn't have D disk. The program is installed at D disk by default and the C disk need permission to install.

Solution: Install a D disk or change the computer.

After connecting the machine it keeps showing no equipment.

*May cause by the following reasons:

1. There is something wrong with the data cable;

2. Incompatibility with apple computer;

3. There is something wrong with the computer's USB port;

4. There is no D disk in the computer.

Please try to change the USB cable, reinstall the system, change the USB port, unplug some irrelevant cables, change the computer.

The white marketing box has an echo on a call.

*Don't put the antenna too near to the tel set. It will generate singal interference. 

The white marketing box cannot play voice normally.

*Firstly, test by the primary voice to exclude it might cause by voice, the voice must in MP3 format; 

 Secondary, copy the voice file at other place, formatting the memory card, reput the voice file in the memory card, restart the machine after insert the memory card; 

 Thirdly, change a new memory card; 

 Fourthly, if those methods metioned before don't work, the card slot is loosen and send back to repair.